Emin Budak

CEO @BITTURK Bilişim ve Ticaret A.Ş. CEO @BITTURK Bilişim ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Fenerbahçe Congress Member Fenerbahçe Congress Member
Computer Engineer / IMIS Computer Engineer / IMIS

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Emin Budak


I am M. Emin Budak. I want to talk about myself with a few sentences.

I met with programming language at high school. These years, I started to learn and develop some simple windows desktop applications with Delphi 7. I have experience as a web development since university first years.

I have a love of clean, elegant styling, and I have lots of experience in the production of CSS and (X)HTML for modern websites. I have a reasonable grasp of using JavaScript frameworks, specifically jQuery.

In 2009 I became interested in mobile technology with bachelor’s graduation project (C# Mobile). I developed and managed mobile application projects over hunderds (iOS / Android). The most importants are Banking & Fintech solutions. These are leading companies in their industry and individual customers.

I have interest with blockchain technology and its subtopics, cryptocurrency and distributed systems since 2013.




    July 2016 - Present

    • Cryptocurrency Exchange Website
    It is the first startup in Turkey which is support more than one cryptocurrency pairs exchange.

  • AktifBank - Mobile Banking Application Manager (Istanbul)

    July 2016 - Present

    • Passolig iOS & Android Applications
    Passolig app allows fans to buy match ticket and reach some statictics about teams. Also Passolig apps most important ability is fans and their families to safely enter stadiums via NFC & QRCode without plastic card.

    • Ego Mobil Android Application
    Users can buy bus ticket with ego app and get in bus with NFC supported device also they can make shopping to touching pos device.

  • BankPozitif - Application Manager, Next Generation Banking (Istanbul)

    May 2015 - July 2016

    • BankPozitif AppleWatch Application
    AppleWatch banking application designed for BankPozitif. This application works synchronize with iphone application. Users can view their deposits, loans easily.

    • BankPozitif iOS & Android Applications
    Mobile banking application designed for BankPozitif. Money transfer, Deposits, Loans etc..

    • Kemer Tennis Tournament Mobile Applications
    That mobile application was designed for tennis tournament which is sponsored by BankPozitif. Users can reach tournament results, match schedule and some information about BankPozitif. Also users can win surprise gifts by inviting friends to download this application.

  • VeriPark - Mobile Development Specialist (Istanbul)

    February 2015 – May 2015

    • Denizbank Mobile Applications
    That application was designed with animation for more interaction with end-user. Credit cards, consumer loans, campaigns, time deposit, nearest branch / atm screens was made. It communicates with banking system via json webservice and retrieves data after security handshake. Developed for iOS & Android mobile phones.

    • Fibabank Mobile Applications
    Mobile banking application designed for Fibabank. Some security process was made. Nearest branch/atm, interest rates screens were made.

  • MobileCrea - Founder – Web / Mobile Developer (Izmir)

    December 2011 – October 2014

    • Cratos Premium Hotel Mobile Applications
    Cratos is a hotel located in Northern Cyprus., They want to reach their customers with push notification also applications included fast and easy room booking and the informations about the hotel. The project is designed for iOS and Android mobile phones. Applications are managed by the web-based (asp.net) administration panel and the applications fetchs data from MSSQL database via JSON web services.

    • Pizza Pizza iOS Mobile Application
    The main objective of this project, increase pizza sales with a user friendly mobile application. This application redirects customers to the nearest branch for ordering and communicates via SOAP webservices with their web management system.

    • Fagold Diamond B2B Android Tablet Application
    The project provides communication between the headquarter and branch with android tablet. Tablets were given to the all branch with their special stand. Branches can order new products easily. New promotion and news instantly are shown on the tablet screen. Branches and customers can reach digital product catalog with that application. This application manages with PHP web-based panel and communicates via XML webservice. 

    • E-Municipal Mobile Application
    That application is designed as mobile and tablet application (iOS, Android). Some important features are, citizens will be able to access any kind of information about the city. Citizens can paying taxes, sending complaint with multimedia options (photos, videos, gps location), finding nearest municipal facilities and emergency pharmacies with map directions. The application is running with e- municipal system simultaneous. It can managed by asp.net web- based panel. Karabağlar Belediyesi, Karşıyaka Belediyesi, Konak Belediyesi, Balçova Belediyesi, Seferihisar Belediyesi, Manavgat Belediyesi.

    • Final Yayıncılık Ebook Mobile Application
    Authors can upload their books from web-based panel and they can sell books to readers via that application. Also application is running with Netsis database simultaneously. It is designed as iOS and Android mobile tablet applications. Every book have license protection. The downloaded books encrypted to device and can readible by only that device and cannot transfer to another device.

  • 6Q Games - Web Developer (Izmir)

    August 2010 – December 2011

    • Multiplayer Facebook Applications
    Some improvements were made for multiplayer facebook games. These are board games like Okey, Tavla, Batak etc... and have 5 million montly active users. Games have many simultaneously sql queries and that was caused lack of performance. I designed new database and new game algorithms to maximize performance client-server communications. Also I developed some html codes on frontend to reduce overcrowding on Adobe Flash.

  • Bilisimtrk - Web Developer & C# Mobile (Part-Time / Izmir)

    January 2009 – July 2010

    • Windows CE PDA Application
    Windows CE application developed for Jewelry wholesaler company to speed up their communication with headquarter and salesperson. Salesperson was travelling mostly different cities and they were taking new order list of jewellers. They creates order list with pda application and the headquarter starts to manufacture of new products.

    • Ecommerce Website
    This website was designed for florist company with product listing, category management, shopping cart modules.

  • Yasar University IT Department - Web Developer (Izmir)

    May 2007 - September 2007

    • University Website
    Official university website doesn't match with W3C standarts and some browser cannot render it. I developed html,css and javascript compatible with standarts. Also new websites was made for prospective students and some faculties. These websites have more user interaction with animation and user-friendly design.