Emin Budak

Wiro.ai Managing Partner @ Wiro.ai
Bachelor: Computer Engineer Bachelor: Computer Engineer
Master: Industrial Management and Information System Master: Industrial Management and Information System

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#GenerativeAI    #Blockchain    #Entrepreneur

Emin Budak


I'm M. Emin Budak. I first got into programming during high school, and since then, I've been passionate about technology. I started by creating simple Windows desktop applications with Delphi 7 and then moved into web development during my university years. I have a strong knack for clean and elegant styling, and I'm experienced in producing CSS and HTML for modern websites. I'm also proficient in using pure JavaScript, and frameworks.

In 2009, I dove into the world of mobile technology through my bachelor's graduation project in C#. Since then, I've managed and developed numerous mobile application projects, with a focus on Banking - Fintech solutions. These projects have been for leading companies in the industry and individual customers, allowing me to gain valuable expertise in this field.

I've had a keen interest in blockchain technology and distributed systems since 2015.

Additionally, I started to explore GenerativeAI technologies in end of the 2022 and now I've founded a startup that makes easy access to all developers' Generative AI infrastructures.

I'm always eager to explore and stay updated on emerging technologies and their potential applications since 2002.